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It is an age of cutthroat competition and making one’s business stand out of the typical clutter is a challenge faced by every entrepreneur. Scotran, being one of the most established web application development companies, understand and appreciate this need of yours to keep your brand and identity unique and take every effort to work together with you to achieve this goal. Our approach towards web applications development for businesses as distinctive as yours is to keep you also in the loop, right from creative conception to executing technical deliverables.

Our tech-savvy team of dedicated professionals work together to deliver agile web-based, interactive & highly pragmatic solutions. We are a web application development company that focuses on delivering client-oriented development process, adhering to the specifications as directed. Customized solutions are provided through various steps including analyzing the market niche, branding, e-commerce, API development and integration, generating the required content and testing. Our talented programmers work together in close association with the professional designers to deliver captivating websites.

What more? As a web development company that believes in keeping our clients happy, we also take an uncompromising approach towards the maintenance and support services we provide.



We consult with our clients and take into account all their requirements to help ideate web app solutions tailor-made for them.



Innovate to inspire is a mantra we follow at Scotran and the products that we have developed for our clients are a standing testimonial to this.



Innovate to inspire is a mantra we follow at Scotran and the products that we have developed for our clients are a standing testimonial to this.

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Progressive Web
App Development

A website is no longer to gather information and Scotran being one of the top web applications development companies, understand that progressive web apps are the next big thing. Progressive web apps are user experiences that are fast, reliable and engaging. A progressive web app loads instantly on different devices regardless of network status. Besides a progressive web app enables an immersive full-screen experience on the home screen of the user without the need for an app store. It also helps you control how your app appears when launched, and you can also specify home screen icons, screen orientation and much more.

How Web Application
Development helps you

A high-quality web app has farfetched benefits, making it easier to enhance the experience of your users, grow engagement and increase conversions. Whatever be your business, there is much to gain from a dynamic web app than traditional apps. Zero installation because all PCs or smartphones have a browser, displaying reports in graphical form, easily gaining details of what your customers are interested in, quick and easy updates, and 24X7 availability are some of the advantages of a robust web application. It also presents you with the possibility of reaching anyone anywhere in the world and staying up-to-date.

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E-Commerce Development

Our team of talented developers work with our clients to develop custom-made E-Commerce web applications.


Financial Web Application Development

Scotran understands the requirements of the different financial services and we make custom web development solutions for them.


CMS Web Development

We have all the required resources to build any technically complex yet easy-to-use CMS web applications.


Healthcare Web Development

Our team of health app developers uses the latest healthcare software development technologies to deliver user-friendly, custom solutions to our clients.


Enterprise Web Apps

We have a pool of enthusiastic developers who can cater to the requirements of any B2B or B2C clients.


Streaming Services

Have plans to create a video-streaming web app? We have the right talents to make real your dream of a customised live-streaming web app.

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The ability to deliver an amazing user experience helped a major online retailer improve conversions for new users across all browsers by 104% and on iOS by 82%.

When the Progressive Web App criteria are met, Chrome prompts users to add the Progressive Web App to their home screen.

Web push notifications helped a popular online electronic store increase engagement by 4X. And those users spent twice as much time on the site.

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Business mandate preparation

We take care to prepare a business mandate before taking up any project by clearly outlining a set of instructions and a list of people who would be responsible of the project from start to finish.


We do a thorough analysis of the market and your competitors before starting the work on your project.

Process Design

Process design is the breaking down of the process to be followed into parts, which would help in the actual execution of the project.

Work Breakdown

Once the process is finalised we entrust individual team leaders with the responsibilities of each aspect of the project.

Prototype Delivery

Before starting on the development of the actual product, we initially create a prototype of the same to assess the feasibility of it.

Actual Development

Once the above procedures are fulfilled, our team of developers would begin working on the actual product.

Testing and QA

Once the development of the application is completed, we put it to rigorous tests and quality analysis procedures to make sure that the end product meets all your requirements.

Maintenance and Support

Our relationship with our clients do not end with the delivery of projects. We take care to ensure timely and meticulous maintenance and support to our clients.


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