ColdFusion Development companies, ColdFusion development Company

Simple and Feature-rich ColdFusion

ColdFusion Development Company

Being an established ColdFusion development company, Scotran has the expertise to build modern web applications for our clients.

ColdFusion is a rapid development platform for creating web applications, designed to be expressive and powerful. It enables you to perform programming tasks at a higher level than most other languages, also gives you integration with functionality important to web applications like database access, MS Exchange access, PDF form creation and more. ColdFusion is frequently used for data-driven websites or intranets, but can also be used to generate remote services such as REST services, WebSockets, SOAP web services or Flash Remoting. It can also handle asynchronous events such as SMS and instant messaging via its gateway interface

As a ColdFusion development company with a futuristic approach, we encourage our developers to welcome the cutting-edge technologies to deliver the best performing applications and high-class user experience. Through the years, we have showcased excellent performance as a ColdFusion application development company making even the most complex tasks possible with quality on par with global standards.

Our best-in-class ColdFusion development services enable our clients to use enterprise-ready applications with built-in solutions that aid in getting unprecedented control over PDF generation and manipulation using new capabilities like redaction and sanitization. ColdFusion also prevents cross-site scripting and cross-site request forgery.

With a reputation of being in the top list of ColdFusion development companies, we offer great web application development services, owning a huge team of certified developers, who are masters in creating robust ColdFusion applications blending innovation with expertise.

Scotran maintains a systematic approach for individual software development services right from application design, development, deployment, system integration, quality analysis, and data analysis.

ColdFusion Development companies, ColdFusion development Company
Save Cost and Time

Because of the fact that Coldfusion doesn’t require rigorous coding, a programmer can easily learn this dynamic language and quickly develop web-based apps thereby saving time and money of the clients.


Coldfusion is a dependable program that allows creating advanced features and functionalities to help achieve the desired goals on your websites or web-based applications.

Cross-platform Advantage

Coldfusion offers scalable and functional advantages and is easy to integrate with other IT environments. This feature ensures a stable performance of websites or web apps across different platforms.

Handle Huge Database

The software offers different types of tools that allow developers to easily integrate websites pages and the database, and hence can be used for building apps with huge databases.

Functional Advantage

Coldfusion comes with a software framework that allows experts to develop additional applications within the existing app framework and this brings functional advantages to a ColdFusion app.


Adobe has shaped ColdFusion with extensive security features that give the power to developers for building highly secured apps using ColdFusion.

Elegant UI

ColdFusion comes with an Ajax framework that provides several types of user interface elements, including rich text editors and tree controls.

Regular Upgrades

ColdFusion is adept at releasing new and updated versions of the software with additional features and capabilities.

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